Amp is a mutant, able to control the electrical fields in his own body to produce a range of effects. He is also highly intelligent, which may or may not be power-augmented.

The most obvious manifestations of Amp’s powers are the blasts he is able to fire from any part of his body, and an electrical aura that produces limited offensive and defensive capabilities. Others include muscular stimulation, giving a limited form of super-speed.

A well-protected aircraft hangar/workshop provides Amp a safe haven to design and build hi-tech devices and robotic drones. These are used to supplement his electrical powers on his occasional crime-fighting sprees.

Known current Devices:

  • Comm Headset – communication with drones, workshop
  • Gauntlet – absorbs electricity for unknown purpose
  • Shield Belt – strengthens electrical aura
  • Teleporter – short-range jumps

Previous Devices:

  • Unknown

Known active Robot Drones:

  • Combat tank [Dangerous]
  • Jet fighter [Dangerous]
  • Cargo helicopter
  • Motorbike (can also be driven)

Previous Drones:

  • Unknown

Note: all drones are between 5 and 7 ft along their longest dimension


Amp (real name Drake Allegra) is one of the youngest millionaires in Australia. His impressive wealth is the result of a number of contracts from various first-world militaries. Designs are drawn up, prototypes constructed, fixes made, and finally the designs are sent off for mass-production. Drake tends to keep one or two of the more “finished” prototypes from each contract, along with copies of the designs themselves. This is well-known by his employers, who tend to put up with it for the most part.

Unfortunately, his wealth can do nothing to help him with his hair loss. Experts have linked it to his electrical powers, saying that the high voltages involved have damaged his hair follicles so severely that they just don’t work any more. This has not stopped Drake from using his powers, reasoning that since all of his hair is already dead there’s not much harm in continuing. On the other hand, he’s rather sensitive about the baldness.


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