John Doe

Mystery man, three year old.


John Doe appears to be in his mid-twenties, although he hasn’t appeared to age in the slightest since he appeared. He is slightly below average height, not very muscular and not fat at all, but he’s not skinny. He has bright blue eyes and medium length blonde hair with the slightest curl to go with it. He is most commonly seen in light blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He wears thongs all year round. he doesn’t seem to feel the cold.
Odd titbit; when he is not concealing himself and he is caught on camera, he appears to flicker slightly, on digital video he appears to be missing about 10%-25% of his pixels at any time (whatever is on the other side of him shows through these gaps).
John Doe is insanely dexterous. He also has a very strong constitution along with high intelligence and wisdom. He has the ability to disappear from all visual senses. He has the ability to strike anyone close enough that he can see with a quick burst of flames, although the flames have a twist. Instead of creating light they destroy all light that enters their reach, giving them a pure black appearance (although they more accurately don’t have an appearance). In addition to their appearance they also burn with extreme cold (rather than heat) mixed with some unknown energy.
Along with these powers he also possesses well above average human speed, and the ability to run on walls. He also recently discovered he can fill a large area with extreme cold and make the ground in the cold’s reach diffcult to move on as it is caked with ice. He has also learnt to focus his cold to trap single enemies in a cocoon of ice.


John Doe, by all accounts is only three years old. He appeared in the middle of Queen Street Mall one day completely naked and unconscious. He was immediately arrested. When the police compared his photo to the database it matched an unidentified dead body found a month or so before. The body was already suspicious in that it had a remarkable resemblance to a young Jeremiah Trisk, but what was weirder about this body is that it was alive, had no memories and presented signs of super powers. Though he had no memories of events, he had remarkable general knowledge.
Once the league learnt of the presence of superpowers they immediately paid his fine and got him added to the VV database. Though he didn’t get immediate duty. They had tests two run. About three days after John Doe appeared the tests showed up with no results. No previous injuries, no matching finger prints, no matching DNA. The only things the extensive test showed were his invisibility, his anti-fire and most odd was that he was only three days old. They checked again a week later to make sure it wasn’t just an unknown power masking his age. Ten days old.
John soon found a job he could do while not being a hero. That’s right, a casual position at Subway. Awwww yeah… He also found a place to live. A small two bedroom apartment to be roomies with Reginald “Reggie” Worthington. After three years, John Doe is still not sure what Reggie does for a living, he seems to just have money. But if he had an inheritance he’d live in a better place than this. But how does he afford to go out partying every night? Professional bogan?
Until recently John Doe’s main means of transport was what Reggie dubbed (and John Doe adopted) The John Doemobile, aka the nearest taxi. John Doe has recently gained mild super speed and as such has cut down on his use of the John Doemobile. When he needs to get somewhere quicker than he can manage, he just takes The John Doe Jet (the nearest flying superhero – usually Solomon).

John Doe

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