Tarantel (Karl Lunabattac)

Really tall, rich, spider guy.


Karl is in his late twenties. He is over seven foot tall and although he doesn’t look very muscular he is incredibly strong. Beneath a pitch black army crew cut are his eight pitch black eyes which two of are in the normal spot for humans, the others are evenly spaced, level with his eyebrows. He wears large very dark sunglasses that wrap over his extra eyes, although he is able to see through them thanks in part to his ability to see in complete darkness.

He wears very expensive custom suits with a full length Trench Coat complete with compartments to conceal his four extra limbs. These limbs are spider like in their flexibility, slightly longer and skinnier then his normal arms but just as strong. The lower pair is slightly thicker than the upper pair and assist with great leaps and cushioning falls and is complete with a set of pincers at the end suited well for gripping walls or opponents, however, he mostly uses this set for extra stability in battle. The upper pair has human hands at the end, but the wrist has sharp hooks around it also good for reeling in opponents and wall crawling.

Inside his mouth are a pair of three inch retractable fangs that are connected to three glands. One with a stunning agent, one with a paralysing toxin, and the other with a powerful fatiguing poison.

When fighting, his trench coat acts as a cape and he removes his sunglassses.

Tarantel’s secret identity isn’t very secret. I mean who else in Brisbane is 7’2"? Add to that the fact that Karl and Tarantel are never seen in the same place. That and the whole keeps-to-himself, never-in-relationships, no-family seclusion he lives in are kind of giveaways… Either that or Karl is a serial killer…

Well I say “No family”. His father (Dieter Lunabattac) is still alive, however he has become Tarantel’s nemisis; L05CHUN9 (Löschung). When they last met, Dieter said that Karl was dead to him.


Karl was born a blue eyed, blonde in Bremen, Germany. His mother died when he was four, after that he spent most of the next 14 years in boarding schools, as his workaholic father didn’t have time to take care of him. At age sixteen, most other boys were slowing down in growth, Karl kept going. He was already one of the tallest before this point but now he was attracting attention from doctors. They said he was fascinating as pituitary anomalies usually show earlier in life. But extensive tests showed no abnormalities with his pituitary gland.

At age eighteen, just as the attention from this was dying off, Karl began to grow strange lumps on his arms and legs. Over the next several months these slowly grew till the point where he was kept in quarantine as they couldn’t figure out what was going on. It got to the point where the growths had spread to his armpits and hips and now made his arms and legs almost twice as wide as they used to be. This made his movement very restricted and painful.

During all of this Carl remained positive that he would get through this. He buried himself in study, learning to become an architect. He actually managed to top his first year class, despite being secluded. This only increased his motivation to get through his condition. He even began trying weights and other exercise to try and encourage his body to power through.

One day, about a year and a half after he was quarantined, Karl woke up and as had been the routine the last few weeks, he when to inspect himself. His skin had been changing, becoming much thicker on his arms and legs, he wanted to see if that had progressed. Much to his horror, he noticed something on his left arm. About in the middle of his forearm a hole had formed. Just a very thin slit, but as he held it to the light, it became apparent that the slit went right through his arm.

More of the slits opened up over the next month, on both his arms and legs. X-rays showed his bones were actually in their original positions. The ultrasounds revealed something more disturbing. New muscles were forming around new structures within the growths. Doctors still had no idea what was causing this, what was going to happen, or even what the growths were. The only thing they seemed sure about was that they didn’t want to operate and they definitely didn’t want this news to get out, so they kept it top secret.

Well into the third year Karl began to lose hair on the back and sides of his head and the rest was turning black. Shortly after that he began to get massive headaches that would last for hours. After a week he spotted a small lump near his left temple. The headaches continued and only a few days later a new lump was form in on the opposite side. One day after dinner Karl went to brush his teeth only to notice his eyes were completely black.

Karl awoke one night shortly after that because of a headache. He looked around the room, but he couldn’t focus, he felt cross-eyed. Was this because of his eyes turning black? After several minutes of frantically trying to focus on something, anything, a sharp pain in his temple made him put his left hand over the lump on his temple. A miracle, he could focus. He blinked a few times rapidly. Something under his hand was moving. He ran to a mirror. He had a third eye. Black, like his others, but it looked swollen, probably why he couldn’t focus.

Over the next week and a half more lumps began to appear and one by one turn into eyes. Once the swelling went down he got used to seeing in multiple directions at once. After that, he got used to being to control each extra eye independently. It wasn’t till the doctors’ weekly visit that realised something. The first thing one of them said was “Wer löschte das Licht?“ (Who turned off the lights?). He hadn’t had a light on since the day he noticed his eyes were black.

The eyes wern’t the first thing the doctors noticed. His left arm had now split right from the elbow down. No wounds. Karl’s instincts must’ve caught up at that point. He looked at his arm and almost as he thought about trying to do so, he bent the extra section of arm. He grinned at the doctors, not even realising the short fangs that popped out when he did. In a great show of determination he began trying to move all the leg and arm growths. After a few minutes of sickenning cracks and tearing flesh, he freed his entire second left arm and began to open up gaps in the others. Although once he noticed blood comming from one, he stopped. That surely was enough progression for the day.

Less than a week later he had full control of his new limbs and had become aware of his fangs, which had grown to their full length and had been tested on rats. They kept him in for an extra week for monitoring. He spent most of it testing the strength of his new limbs. There was a lot of it. He could easily lift six fifty kilogram weights at once, on in each hand (or claw which had only just formed as he broke out).

Excited about his new ability and physicality as he was, he knew he shouldn’t show them in public. He was also still determined to have a normal career. He completed his training in architecture and quickly found success. Age twenty five, he got an offer to work on a new building in Brisbane, Australia. They said he could continue his own work too. So long as he worked from Brisbane and gave their company a credit.

Karl now owns a palatial two story suite atop Aurora Tower in the Brisbane CBD. He works from this place, doing design jobs for buildings all through Europe, while enjoying a nice, high, over look of the Brisbane River.

He does still do some hero work from time to time. He loves using his power. His fans in Germany dubbed him Tarantel, which translates directly to Tarantula.

Tarantel (Karl Lunabattac)

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